Monday, March 23, 2015

Logic Pro X Additional Content download

We want to deploy Logic Pro X in one of our computer labs.

As Logic wants to download huge amounts of additional content when installed and our users are not admins on the lab machines, we have to deploy the additional content as well.

These are the steps I figured out to install the additional content packages via our software deployment.

Same thing as written for GarageBand applies to Logic as well

Here's the link to the plist containing all the information for the additional content packages of Logic Pro X 10.1.1:

To get the information needed, enter this command:

defaults read ~/Downloads/logicpro1010 | grep DownloadName

You will then end up with a list of the packages.

Some updated content is added via App Store.

So maybe there is a better way to do this.

Let's try it this way.

    1. Activate the AppStore debug mode#   
      • Quit the if it is running
      • open the terminal and enter "defaults write ShowDebugMenu -bool true"
      • Start and open the Menu 'Debug > Show Download Folder…"
    2. Download Logic Pro X
    3. Start Logic Pro X - it will ask to download additional content
    4. Allow Logic to download the content, but, when asked for your admin credentials, click 'Cancel'. Do NOT install anything at this point.
    5. Quit Logic Pro X
    6. Navigate to the ausic apps download folder, You can find it in the same folder as the 'iTunes Download Folder'. It will look something like this '/private/var/folders/nc/t8zc00xs2nx1vmcjyxryf11w0000gn/C/' where the part in the middle seems to be a randomly generated string. 
    7. In the folder '' you should now see a folder named '' and inside that another called ''. Here we find what we need: the 'ProAudioCoreContent10.pkg'.
    8. Place a copy of  'ProAudioCoreContent10.pkg' somewhere else from where you can install it later.
    9. Start Logic Pro X. It will no ask you for the credential to install the package, we already downloaded.
    10. Now we come to the additional content.
    11. Select menu 'Logic Pro X > Download Additional Content'
    12. Select any of the additional content packages you want to deploy
    13. Click 'Install'
    14. Wait for the download to complete
    15. When prompted for the admin password, do NOT enter it. Click 'Cancel' instead
    16. Quit Logic Pro X
    17. Inside the directory of the folder containing the download there should now be a folder named ' > > > lp10_ms3_content_2015' and some more in 'lp10_ms3_content_2013'.
    18. In these folders you will now find the packages needed to deploy the additional content. 
    19. Copy these packages to a safe place.
    20. Deploy them as needed
    21. When you start Logic Pro X with the packages installed, you will see that all the additional content is already installed.