Thursday, November 6, 2008

Folder Redirection & Microsoft Office 2008

When using the Folder Redirection of Mac OS X Server 10.5, I was having really big problems with Word from Microsoft Office 2004.
It would not save!!!
Sometimes even documents were overwritten!!
Very nasty

It seems though there is a solution to this:

I found the hint here:

It sais that:

There appears to be an issue with Office redirection if there is a folder missing at the root of your network mount on the server. The user will be able to successfully save a new document once, and after that, they will get error messages that they don't have permission to save the file to the destination. The answer to this was found on

The fault occurs unless a folder called .TemporaryItems has been created at the root level of any mounted volume containing the saved file; so if the user's home directory is contained in an AFP share called Homes, then there has to be a directory called .TemporaryItems in the Homes folder on the server. If the home directory is on another local volume called UserData, there has to be a directory called .TemporaryItems at the root of that volume.

Since .TemporaryItems is a dot file, it will not be visible in the Finder. When the application is able to create this .TemporaryItems directory, it is world writable and sticky. For improved security, as long as all users are in a common group like "staff," then the folder can be restricted to writing by the group instead.
$ cd /path/to/volume/or/sharepoint
$ sudo mkdir .TemporaryItems
$ chgrp staff .TemporaryItems
$ chmod 1770 .TemporaryItems

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