Monday, March 5, 2007


Sometimes it may be useful to get the name of a mac with a specific mac address from your directory server:

/usr/bin/ldapsearch -x -h -b "cn=computers, dc=myserver, dc=com" "macAddress=00:0a:95:f1:01:04"

We use this in a script that installs our Mac OS X clients.
This has the advantage that mac clients whose name are defined in our open directory are automatically renamed as they are installed thus always have the correct name without any additional manual renaming.

Unfortunately ldapsearch truncates it's output to 80 characters per line which can be very annoying.
To prevent this one may add one line of Perl:

perl -p -0040 -e 's/\n //'

-p: Loop for each line and print
-0040: Set input delimiter to 040 i.e. space
-e: Command follows - strip newline/spac

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