Monday, March 5, 2007

MCX Cache

Update MCX Cache
sudo /System/Library/CoreServices/ -U UserNameHere


MCXCacher -U usershortname [-h homepath]
Creates (or overwrites an existing) mobile account on the current
machine for user "usershortname" with optional home path "homepath"

Performs the pre-login checks and refreshes cache if required.

MCXCacher -u usershortname
Performs the post login checks and refreshes caches -- does
everything that "MCXCacher" does plus caches the current user's

MCXCacher -f
Flushes the cache (Mobile accounts not removed; but system is unmanaged)

MCXCacher -d
Dirties the cache so that it will be refreshes at the next login
("MCXCacher" call by mcxd)

MCXCacher -f will put the machine into an unmanaged state until the
next time it reconnects to the management server, so it's a rather
drastic thing to do. From memory, if you run this command, Mobile
Users won't be able to login at the loginwindow unless the machine
can connect to the management server at that time.

MCXCacher -d does the right thing in the vast majority of cases, and
as John DeTroye just pointed out to me, runs at login/logout and

The flags that allow you to specify where a mobile user home
directory is created are really useful though. I'm using it with a
login hook that means that my users get their home directory set to
another partition when they first login as a Mobile User.


chad said...

You just saved me a lot of hair pulling with this tip - after HomeSync wiped out half of my Home folder and half of my network share :(

Now I know why the settings in WGM weren't taking effect right away.

Thanks, and excellent blog! More people need to post this level of Mac admin knowledge for those of us who are trying to manage many Macs on a Windows network...

Reem said...

Hi Experts,

Is there a way to cache the admin rights of the Mobile user for off line access? said...

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