Monday, March 19, 2007

sso_util -- Kerberos -- Open Directory Single Sign On

So this is the tool to manage the kerberos stuff!

I accidentally found it when browsing around for information on how to remove a replica from an open directory system.

That by the way is done by entering the command:

slapconfig -removereplica

But here's the info on sso_util:
Manual Page For sso_util(8)

So here's how to stop the kerberos server:

sso_util remove -k -a diradminuser -p diradminpassword

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Anonymous said...

thanks for you hint!

When I do that, the kerberos-status immediatly changes to stopped (may be different in English, using a german version here, but let's say it said "working" and now "stopped" ;-))

But when I reboot, it is re-enabled! What is going on?